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29 September 2017

Motel Music Part II

by Alice May

Jimmy Whoo: “Motel Music Part II” - 8 mins 41s

Since 2013, electronic artist Jimmy Whoo has been busy with a project called Motel Music, inspired by the influences he's absorbed on his travels. To mark its end, RSA's Johnny Hardstaff has created an intriguing short film around three of Whoo's songs and it's not until the final moments of the clip that we realise just how weird the premise actually is.

A deeply unpleasant young guy is cruising around with his friends, shooting his mouth off about women and the state of his brimful-balls. Then they discover an abandoned car on the road. It's ticking over, door open; just waiting for someone to get in and drive it away. The guy likes what he sees. There is an abandoned ring on the passenger seat, so he throws it out, gets behind the wheel and takes charge.

So begins a strange odyssey. As the day unfolds and darkens into night, he watches young women. He watches them walking, talking with friends, absorbed in their phones or briefly glancing at him; he gazes as they stumble across the pavements in their going-out gear, drunk.

Unsettling images come to him. Fleeting impressions and disorientating sensations start to madden him. He thinks he may be wearing make-up. He goes into an all-night store and buys whiskey, but his bare torso seems to be female; we see the outline of breasts; it's like one of those dreams where you suddenly find yourself naked in public.

Are we just witnessing the slide into craziness that his vicious personality is destined for? Or is there an external factor at play? We won't spoil it for you... see if you can guess the outcome. We didn't.

Director: Johnny Hardstaff Ⓦ (Independent Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Cinematography: Cezary Zacharewicz
Editor: Joe Guest @ Final Cut
Post Production: The Mill Ⓦ
Colourist: Oisin O'Driscoll @ The Mill Ⓦ
Sound Designer: Patch Rowland @ Final Cut
Casting: Emma Skowronek
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