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11 April 2017

Jif: Holy Nut Butter, Batman

by Syd Briscoe

Jif: “First Time” - 30s

Every time you eat Jif peanut butter is like trying it for the first time all over again, according to this excellent Canadian ad for the sticky stuff. Director Michael Clowater has taken an open-ended tagline and created something truly memorable and entertaining.

The central performance here is fantastic, as we watch a bloke exclaim and writhe in delight at each mouthful of peanut butter he takes. The sheer variety of his reactions only adds to the foot-stomping, flower-spraying, holy-nut-buttering hilarity of it all - from night time whispered exclamations of disbelief to bemused shrugs of joy as he fails to comprehend the magical elixir on his tongue.

So compelling is the performance, in fact, that by the end we actually believe we'll 'taste the Jifference' - nut allergy sufferers will boil with jealousy.

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