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15 March 2016

Evening the score.

by Jason Stone

Inspiring The Future: “Redraw The Balance” - 1 min 50s

There have been a number of films in recent weeks drawing attention to modern society's complacency when it comes to gender roles and this contribution really underlines the need to tackle these ideas once and for all.

When a class of primary school children are asked to draw a fire-fighter; a surgeon; and a fighter-pilot, almost all of them portray the trio as men.

They are then awe-struck when they get to meet one of each and discover it is women walking into the room. In truth, you don't need to be seven years old to fall into this trap... many of us would automatically picture a man when asked to carry out this same exercise and - sadly - the odds would be in our favour.

This can change. This film made sure it would hit the target by very deliberately choosing the word 'surgeon'. Had they asked the children to draw a 'doctor', the outcome almost certainly would have been more encouraging. We're used to the idea that a doctor is just as likely to be a woman as a man and many of these youngsters will have had direct experience of this. But not long ago, a classroom of children would have found it just as difficult to picture a female doctor... it's one perception that actually has changed.

Of course - being slightly mischievous - we could point out that if you asked a collection of art directors from our industry to draw a director or an ECD, the small proportion who can actually draw would be pretty likely to create a representation of a man... we too have a long way to go before we can claim to have achieved equality in our realm.

Anyone who's ever ventured below-the-line to read the appallingly sexist comments provoked by any discussion of this issue knows that we have an awful long way to go and films like this are an important part of the noise we require to draw attention to the inequity all around us. Nice work.

Creative Agency: MullenLowe Ⓟ Ⓦ
CCO: Dave Henderson
ECD: Richard Denney
Senior Creative: Katrina Encanto / EJ C Galang
Account Director: Isobel Dighe
Agency Producer: Lucy Jay
Cinematographer: Tom Wright
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