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24 October 2018

An inspector calls.

by Jason Stone

Homespun Yarns: “If You Never Answered” - 5 mins 56s

This short film is another of the four made for this year's Homespun Yarns and it uses an unusual narrative device to tell its tale of a missing person. Writer-director Daniel McKee leaves open the question of social media's value as he uses it as a prism to examine how people respond to the news that someone in their orbit cannot be found.

The notifications which pop up on the screen both tell the story and provide a commentary on the extent to which everything is filtered through the communication methods provided by the modern mobile phone. This way of looking at things also shines a light on the ritualistic nature of contemporary communication. So many of the interactions we witness online follow an established template... even at a time when you'd think the concern about terrible possibilities would subsume everything else, people are inclined to do what they've seen others do.

McKee's film forces us to think about all of this as we watch the distress and concern build for Dan - the missing twenty year old.

Harry Butcher's soundscape provides a lot of the dramatic oomph as the tension builds and we wait to discover how the story will be resolved. The film offers an intense reminder of the power of ambiguity as it's like trying to interpret a picture from a collection of discarded jigsaw pieces.

Director: Daniel McKee
Producer: Alfie Johnson
Cinematographer: Molly Manning Walker ♀
Editor: Chris Wilson
Post Production: Grace Thorpe
Colourist: Philip Hambi
Flame: Fraser Cleland
Animation VFX: Jay Culley
Sound Designer: Harry Butcher

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