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7 March 2019

Sweet relief.

by Andrew MacGregor

Halo Top: “For Adults” - 30s

High-protein ice cream brand Halo Top believe children have taken the frozen treat for granted while their parents toil day after day. This bleakly funny commercial from 72andSunny and director Tim Godsall aims to restore the balance.

Laden with cynicism and harsh truths, the ad pits a gaggle of sprogs against a world-weary ice cream vendor. Despite their wide eyes and cute paintings, the youngsters are deemed unworthy of a tub, a cone, or even a spoonful of chilled goodness.

Enter Donny, a bathrobe-wearing adult who has a mortgage - adulthood's equivalent of self-inflicted waterboarding. This is a man who deserves ice cream, not a lad celebrating his sixth birthday.

Whilst audience sympathy would normally lie with the children, the droll script and addictively dour lead performances mean it's hard to argue with the grown-ups. One ad to savour before the inevitable catches up with us.

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