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12 April 2017

HBO: Do not adjust your sets.

by Andrew MacGregor

HBO: “Static” - 65s

Not even HBO can escape John Oliver’s satirical ire… and they employ the bloke. The ‘Last Week Tonight’ host bookends this entertaining ad celebrating the broadcaster’s trademark crackling ident. Of course, Oliver has a bone to pick with the idea.

He reasons, “Nobody tunes into HBO for the static”. Meanwhile, a roll call of HBO stars deliver a selection of ‘aaahhs’ and hisses. Ranging from seductive to manic, playful to… erm, Hodor-y, this cacophony of sounds soon blends into the familiar programme intro.

It’s fun to watch (and hear) the casts of Game of Thrones, Girls, and Westworld in one fell swoop. US viewers will recognise some faces more readily, but the ad shrewdly exploits the available starpower.

Whether it’s True Detective’s psychospheric visuals or Tony Soprano cruising along the New Jersey Turnpike, television fans will confirm the ident raises expectations before the opening shot. Despite Oliver’s cynicism, it’s an effective ode to the network’s identity.

Editor: Ryan McKenna / Joe Simons @ The Mill (New York)
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