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2 January 2018

A big choon

by Jason Stone

First Choice: “Go Mahoosive” - 2 mins

If you want someone to send up all the tropes of the promos made for chart-busting artists, who better to turn to than Emil Nava? The acclaimed director throws everything at the screen in a two-minute long film that is one-third parody and two-thirds tribute to the genre that's established him as the go-to director for a huge range of stars.

What Nava demonstrates along the way is that he can make anybody look the part. Like the Duke Brothers in 'Trading Places', he can swap out an established act for a holidaying family and make the latter look every bit as glamorous as the former.

It seems probable that he was given a free hand by agency Y&R - after all, it would have been mad to hire a director like Nava and then constrain him with a heavily-storyboarded shooting schedule.

DAVID first saw this over the Christmas holidays when it popped on to our TV screen during Channel 4's Great British Bake-Off... and our assessment of it shifted from 'ridiculous' after the first 30" to 'sublime' once we'd seen the full 120". The film employs whole-hearted commitment in an effort to suggest that First Choice is the biggest and best option out there... and thanks to the energy and skill provided by Nava, it delivers in spades.

Creative Agency: Y&R London
Creative: Gavin McGrath / Amy Fasey
Account Director: Marta Jales
Business Team: Lucy Taylor
TV Producer: Katherine Maidment / Toby Horrocks
Director's Agent: OB Management Ⓦ
Producer: Amy James
Executive Producer: Otis Bell
Editor: Ellie Johnson @ Speade Ⓦ
VFX: Mark Stannard (Online Artist) / Annabel Bennett (Producer) @ MPC Ⓦ
Colourist: Richard Fearon
Sound Designer: Chris Turner @ Jungle Ⓦ

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