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6 December 2015

The walking dead

by Jason Stone

EDEKA: “Homecoming” - 1 min 45s

This controversial German commercial has created quite a buzz in the media and appears to have polarised opinion. In it, an elderly man becomes so disenchanted with his family's habit of avoiding him at Christmas that he decides to bring them altogether for his funeral... only then stepping out of the shadows to surprise with the news that he hasn't actually died.

Rather than see this as a parable, which it most certainly is, many have focused on how they'd feel if they'd been similarly fooled and have decided they'd be pretty angry... as indeed they probably would.

What they're missing is that this is an illustration of an exasperated fantasy rather than a cruel trick and it resonates because of its truthiness.

John Lewis's Christmas campaign (and its support for Age UK) makes the same point and so - in its own way - does the touching new commercial for the Co-op. And between those films and this, the neglect of elderly people has undoubtedly been the key theme of Christmas 2015.

Those condemning the behaviour in this ad are seriously missing the point... it's designed to make everyone question themselves and remind us how important it is to make sure the elderly people in our lives aren't spending Christmas alone.

Director: Alex Feil Ⓟ Ⓦ (Believe Media Ⓟ Ⓦ)

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