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6 April 2017

Comic Relief: Ed Sheeran Meets Kurupt FM

by Syd Briscoe

Comic Relief: “Ed Sheeran Meets Kurupt FM” - 3 mins 40s

'Gingerbread man sex symbol' Ed Sheeran is unwittingly transported to Kurupt FM's misguided and stunningly offensive version of Africa through the magic of green screen.

The group - of the BBC's 'People Just Do Nothing' fame - ride elephants, turn the water into champers, and try to liberate the locals with the power of garage. Sensing backlash of epic proportions, Ed ducks out shortly before a planned 'spear throwing' scene...

Thankfully, it's all a tongue in cheek effort from Bullion and directors Ben & Ross for Comic Relief, which was featured on Graham Norton's special for the charity.

With memorable lines including 'this ain't apartheid it's a partay' and some skilful, intentionally-bad green screen work, this film is an astutely-executed parody of the tone-deaf, appropriative 'socially-conscious' videos of yesteryear.

Well, mostly yesteryear. Perhaps this is what Pepsi were going for...

Film Production: Bullion Ⓦ
Director: Ben & Ross
Producer: Jon Petrie (Rough Cut TV)
Production M'ger: Georgia Collins
Cinematography: James Rhodes
Editor: Charlie Bird
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