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31 March 2017

Chris Lake: I Want You

by Alice May

Chris Lake: “I Want You” - 3 mins 50s

Scotland produces some of the most innovative music around. There's the weird 70s vibe created by Boards of Canada; the indefinable brilliance of Young Fathers - and now, there's Chris Lake. '! Want You' falls into the deep house genre which can be pretty anonymous... but this track is so extraordinarily infectious it's as if the bass seeps into your veins and takes you over with your full permission.

Appropriately, Norton's promo homes in on this, with dead bodies in a coroner's office reanimated by the beat... joined by the coroner himself, along with the janitor.

The mood is captured with deadpan precision. It's as funny as it is creepy; the young woman's horrific wound just an incidental detail that plays no real part in the narrative except to emphasise how very deceased she is. "Ring ring goes the telephone... there's no-one home", Lake intones as the coroner stares into her blank eyes. Forget the defibrillator - Chris Lake's the guy to jump-start the dead.

Commissioner: OWSLA / Liam Underwood
Director: Norton (Archer's Mark Ⓦ)
Producer: Adam Egypt Mortimer
Cinematography: Sing Howe Yam
SFX (effects in camera): Erin Blinn
Production Design: Susie Francis
Choreography: Mecca Andrews
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