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15 April 2019

Killing it.

by Jason Stone

Chaindrite: “Termite” - 2 mins 32s

While the British advertising industry whips itself into a frothy mess of excitement about a trade journal's glib assessment of each company's progress over the last year, some work from the Far East catches our attention... by being fucking brilliant.

Chaindrite has a claim to make about the potency of its termite-killing product, and boy does it land its message. This is clever, attention--grabbing, funny and - above all - effective. What more could you want from a piece of advertising?

This is so good that it ought to make every ad agency in the world cry with envy. So stop trying to work out what you need to put into this year's Christmas hamper to get a better School Report rating in 2020, and focus instead on how your agency should be making work as impactful as this.

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