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17 September 2017

Greater expectations.

by Andrew MacGregor

Buchanan's: “Choose Great” - 90s

Advertisers sure love Chris Hemsworth in a suit. The Australian and occasional God of Thunder ruminates on what separates good from great for Buchanan's whisky. And the difference? It's a gut feeling - aided by the blended spirit, of course.

While the Thor actor flits between boardrooms and weddings, Framestore Pictures's Ahn Vu inserts enough fantastical elements to draw the eye. As luck would have it, she's now available for UK work. Good time to speak with Corin West at Lemonade Reps to toast her arrival, then.

For more on Ahn Vu, speak to Corin on 07792 675 779 or drop him a line at corin@lemonadereps.com. Framestore's Lorraine Fearon can also give you the low-down at lorraine.fearon@framestore.com.

Film Production: Framestore Pictures Ⓦ
Director: Anh Vu ♀ Ⓟ Ⓦ
Producer: Laura Morris
Head of Production: Milena Milicevic
Cinematography: Kenji Katori
Service Co Prod: Philip Bolus / Monica Llubera
VFX: Karen Czukerberg (Senior Producer)
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