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17 December 2018

Hole in one.

by Jason Stone

Bross Bagels: “Mama Bross” - 1 min 44s

This film by freelance director Charlie Parker is a perfect example of how stuff created on a shoestring can sit alongside much better financed films these days. Written and performed by Larah Bross and Keir McAllister, this ad for a small chain of Edinburgh bakeries demonstrates an astute understanding of what will fly on social media and looks certain to generate a ot of friendly interest in the brand.

Parker - who also shot and edited the film - has a background in comedy. Here, he demonstrates an innate understanding of how to build a brand's profile. The humour is a perfect fit for today's market and immediately elevates this bagel shop above the competing bakeries. Raw advertising at its best.

Director: Charlie Parker
Cinematographer: Charlie Parker
Editor: Charlie Parker
Actor: Larah Bross / Keir McAllister / Wayne Mazadza
Written By: Keir McAllister / Larah Bross

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