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27 February 2019

Should I scroll or should I go?

by Andrew MacGregor

Booking.com: “Be a Booker” - 60s

Booking.com aim to convert window shoppers into holidaymakers with this persuasive number, which targets those guilty of spending more time scrolling through potential destinations than actually visiting them.

Such individuals are bathed in the frigid glow of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, before the ad shifts gear by rattling through a variety of enviable hotspots and locales. Naturally, these are the domains of what the narrator calls, erm, "hit-that-confirmation-button-and-let's-goers".

Hyperbolic monikers aside, the brand deliver a pacy ode to wanderlust that uses its diverse cast and featured settings well. Plus we don't think we've ever heard Erie, Pennsylvania uttered with such gusto. Truth be told, we've never heard it uttered before at all.

Film Production: The Directors Bureau Ⓦ
Director: CANADA Ⓟ Ⓦ (Canada Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Editor: Carlos Arias / Zoe Mougin

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