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21 September 2017

The Gate

by Alice May

Björk: “The Gate” - 6 mins 49s

Björk is back - with 'The Gate', the first release from her latest album. According to the singer it is a transcendent love song; moving beyond the grief of loss expressed on 'Vulnicura' and into the realm of the ethereal. To capture its mood, long-time collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang has created a radiant, shimmering and unbounded cosmos for Björk to inhabit.

Like so much of her music, this is more like performance art than a straightforward track. At nearly seven minutes long, it feels ponderous and in danger of sagging under its own weight - so it's a testament to Huang's skills and instincts that he manages to elevate it so compellingly.

His visionary virtuosity playfully conjures the idea that inside the brain of each and every one of us is an entire, unique universe; with synapses for stars and memories for the nebulae that form them.

In this instance, we get a glimpse into a world suffused with fantastical light and shapes borne of emotion; a synaesthetically luminous landscape reflecting Björk's iridescent costume. Meticulous and detailed, it's quite a dazzling piece of film.

Film Production: StrangeLove Ⓦ
Director: Andrew Thomas Huang Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director's Agent: OB Management Ⓦ
Producer: Jeremy Hartman / Sara Nassim
Executive Producer: Tom Berendsen / Sara Greco / Kevin Shapiro / Tai Thittichai
Cinematography: Oliver Millar
Art Department: Grace Alie
Costume Design: Alessandro Michele (Gown) / James Merry (Headpiece)
Wardrobe: Alessandro Michele
Hair Design: Johnny Stuntz
Make-Up: Andrew Gallimore
Compositor: Matt Lavoy
Character Design: Mitch Gonzalez
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