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17 August 2018

The last hurrah.

by Jason Stone

Big Brother: “Lies” - 60s

Channel 5 has apparently decided to ditch Celebrity Big Brother after this series because of falling ratings... but they're certainly going out with a bang. The 2018 edition's theme is perfect for a world grappling with the very idea of truth, especially for a programme where the highest acclamation comes to the those credited with 'being themselves'.

It was rumoured that among those aiming to hear this particular compliment in CBB's final hurrah was Stormy Daniels - the former paramour of the slack-moralled president of the United States - but alas that turns out to be a post-truth truth... it seems she's either not involved after all (or is being held back to give the ratings a shot of adrenaline once it's underway). Instead, viewers can watch the likes of Nick Leeson, Kirstie Alley, Dan Osborne and Sally Morgan try to survive the format.

The trailer heralding the new series is a well-judged invitation to the audience. Perfectly reflecting the theme, director Will Innes Smith has added a glamorous sheen of garish neon to underline the superficiality of it all.

Reflecting on the prospects for this year's housemates, DAVID is drawn back to the fascinating podcast we recorded with Wes Pollitt earlier this year. Having worked on a number of programmes like this, Pollitt knows the truth - no one can beat the format... so let's see who the new series chews up and spits out.

Film Production: gotgotneed
Director: Will Innes Smith / Adam Wells
Producer: Rory Fry
Cinematographer: Chris Clarke

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