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6 August 2019

Owen goal.

by Jason Stone

Betfair: “Peanuts” - 30s

This is more like it. Now that he is no longer being upstaged by a menacing raven, Clive Owen is able to dominate the screen with his understated charisma. He must be costing Betfair a fortune but he may well be worth it… a lot of advertising for gambling companies is quite tawdry and, while this is an accurate reflection of their offer, it isn't really what they're hoping to project.

The very fact of having Clive Owen on board is an upgrade. His earnest explanation of how the advertised service benefits its users is reassuring, and makes this feel like a service which favours the gambler. (Of course, if you notice the super which reveals that Betfair charge 5% commission on each transaction, you realise this isn't necessarily true… and start to understand how they can afford Clive Owen.)

The regulators are waking up to the potential harm of the ubiquitous advertising of betting companies during sports events, and starting to impose restrictions which should already have been in place. This is another reason why introducing an approach which offers the brand a more sophisticated sense of itself is important.

Clive Owen does a good job. It can be uncomfortable when a celebrity advocates directly for a product or service, but Owen's measured enthusiasm feels exactly right.

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