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7 December 2017

Merry Mad Max

by Syd Briscoe

Audi: “Parking Lot” - 2 mins

Parking is a nightmare at Christmas, as the huddled masses vie to throw their money into Late Capitalism's gaping maw before the sprouts run out. This intriguing Audi commercial focuses on the fight for that elusive free space, and embraces the ugly side of Christmas with an unusual candour.

The stunt work is genuinely edgy, pulling off whip-fast turns in tight spaces and racing at speed through a crowded car park. This would not be allowed on UK television and - without wanting to sound like a po-faced killjoy - quite right too. The onscreen warnings are nowhere near adequate.

A brief coda inside a shop has the duo gearing up for another race as they both target the same toy, and helps to emphasise the idea that it's all a bit of fun.

Director: Steve Rogers Ⓦ (Somesuch Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective Ⓦ

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