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12 March 2019

My own worst enemy.

by Andrew MacGregor

Audi: “Our Safest Car So Far” - 90s

An uncanny piece of work for Audi sees a woman experience multiple double takes as she cruises the city streets in her new A6. Hazards greet her from all directions, be they taxis, errant pedestrians, or cyclists. What they have in common is that they each involve the protagonist's doppelgängers.

This neatly casts the woman as both motorist and potential victim, as both parties lock eyes before going their separate ways. By drawing attention to both perspectives, the marque suggest they are concerned not only for only A6 owners, but for other drivers and passers-by, too.

The twisty premise is amplified by a measured electronic soundtrack, which is punctuated by the sound of the car's threat detection system. The result is a detached yet engrossing road trip that offers a novel spin on car safety features.

Director: Anders Hallberg Ⓦ (You Are Here Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Director's Agent: You Are Here Ⓟ Ⓦ
Producer: Anisa Dzindo
Executive Producer: Lia Eliasson
Cinematographer: Daniel Voldheim
Editor: Davide Quatela

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