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9 April 2017

Artificial Pleasure: All I've Got

by Alice May

Artificial Pleasure: “All I've Got” - 3 mins 44s

Sometimes it feels like one door closes only for another to slam in your face. And that's exactly how the under-appreciated chef slumming it behind the counter of a chip shop feels in this promo for 'All I've Got'.

Dylan Holmes Williams' latest clip for Artificial Pleasure shows the archetypal Mr Smooth bringing his amour to a humble chippy in order to pop the question (classy); only for the guy behind the counter to realise that she is The One... and that this may be his only chance to woo her.

Holmes Williams has a very distinctive style, and while 'All I've Got' may not hit quite the same giddy heights of inventiveness as I'll Make It Worth Your While, it's still wonderfully out there.

When you've given your all and it's still not enough, what else is left to offer? Your head on a plate? Perhaps.

Cinematography: Oliver Ford
Make-Up: Stacey Lacey Lincoln
Choreography: Jamie Neale
Grade: Cheat
Sound Designer: Dominic Brennan
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