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29 January 2020

Slow and Steady

by Syd Briscoe

Apple iPhone: “Slofie” - 30s

As if we needed more jargon-heavy ways to talk about ourselves on social media, Apple attempt to spark a new trend with the 'slofie' (and yes, they aim to trademark the word). The iPhone's latest camera innovation allows one to shoot a selfie using slow motion, for as yet unexplained reasons.

Regardless of the actual utility of such a piece of kit, this 30” demonstration is actually rather good. A young woman poses in front of a shimmering backdrop, an ethereal soundtrack playing as her hair wafts gently in the breeze... until it, erm, doesn’t.

Such visual humour elevates the material, allowing us to peek behind the curtain and remember that impressive social media posts are a heavily filtered and carefully edited view of reality. Enlisting a sibling to up production values, however, is next level commitment to the 'gram.

Music: Dream Dream Dream - Madeon

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