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28 November 2018

Don't be shy.

by Andrew MacGregor

Apple: “Share Your Gifts” - 2 mins 44s

A girl learns to embrace her creativity in this sumptuous animation from Apple, though strap yourself in, folks - it's another Christmas epic. At just shy of three-minutes long, there is plenty of time to admire the film's characterful visuals and wintry vibe as the protagonist hides her ideas from the world.

That simply won't do in Apple's collaborative world, however, and an excitable mutt combined with some oddly fortuitous gusts of wind give her the nudge she needed. If only all closet creatives could rely on the same, eh?

What emerges is a whimsical slant on the ideas process and how one shouldn't be afraid to share their concepts… ideally refined with fruit-based hardware, of course. It's just a shame the brand aren't so transparent about their crew, though - rare is the making-of video that features first names only.

Director's Agent: Friend London Ⓟ Ⓦ

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