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20 February 2019

Swords at the ready.

by Andrew MacGregor

Adidas: “To Hel and Back” - 4 mins 37s

One of two ‘Recode Running' films released by Adidas, this kinetic instalment introduces Warsaw's Swords - a running club with a headless man for a mascot and a near-superhuman tolerance for blisters.

The group's latest excursion is a four-hundred-and-thirty-kilometre relay from Warsaw to the Hel Peninsula, with a band of visiting French runners in tow. Pounding tarmac and dirt tracks night and day, the convoy invite both admiration and bemusement from their fellow Poles.

Naturally, it's this "punk" attitude that entices curious onlookers and, well, multinational sporting brands. Despite one too many stylised touches, this remains an honest portrayal of camaraderie through blood, sweat, and kilometres.

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