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1 August 2016

Mucking about.

by Jason Stone

Adidas: “Creating New Speed” - 55s

The city of Belle Glade in South Florida is famous for a lot of the wrong reasons. The immigrant farm labourers attracted by the sugar cane harvest were the subject of a famous 1960s documentary called 'Harvest of Shame' and - by all accounts - conditions have barely improved in the fifty years since it was made. In the 1980s, Belle Glade had the ominous distinction of achieving the highest rate of HIV infection in the the United States. Belle Glade and the surrounding area gained the nickname 'Muck City' because of its rich soil but it feels like an epithet with a greater resonance than that.

One route out of poverty for poor young black men is provided by the sport of football and an extraordinary number of players from Belle Glade have made it into the NFL.

This sensational commercial for Adidas suggests there may be more to this fact than the usual socio-economic pressure. A quartet of young athletes takes advantage of an agricultural blaze to test their skills. The challenge they set themselves may cause a bit of disquiet among animal lovers... but stay with it, folks.

Director Christopher Riggert and cinematographer Simon Duggan have captured the raw energy of these young men in the most extraordinary fashion. The camerawork that tracks them as they sprint at full tilt through fields burdened by agricultural debris is highly exhilarating and makes for an amazing spectacle. Once again Adidas demonstrates that it has a real edge when it comes to portraying a certain kind of grit.

Film Production: Biscuit Filmworks Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Christopher Riggert Ⓟ Ⓦ
Cinematographer: Simon Duggan
Editor: Sam Ostrove

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