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Fatima Andrade Koehler

Fatima Andrade Koehler is an award winning lifestyle, visual, and beauty director, who works as a commercial director and visual creative consultant worldwide.

Fatima has a strong, graphic feminine style which makes her commercial work immediately distinctive. She's gained a reputation for her blend of humanity and aestheticism, which has led to award winning work both commercially and in music promos.

Macy Gray
"White Man"
'White Man' is Macy Gray's comment on contemporary America, reminding us all that some people are still considered more equal than others. Fatima Andrade Koehler's accompanying clip features some terrific choreography as two women - one black, one white - confront each other while their hung-out laundry dries behind them (nice metaphor).
Director: Fatima Andrade Koehler ♀ Ⓟ (Annex Films Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Cinematograper: Serge Teulon
Choreography: Kany Diabate / Jade-Lorna Sullivan
Performance: Jade-Lorna Sullivan / Kany Diabate

Annex Films
2 Ganton Street
020 7440 1400
Fred Robinson
Tasha Ponton
(New Business)

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