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Autumn de Wilde

Autumn de Wilde is known for her stylish visuals, with their intriguing use of colour and unusual angles to depict choreography in a new light.

A New York native, de Wilde is also known as a documentary photographer. She has shot portraits of numerous music stars, and has directed promos for artists including Elliott Smith, Rilo Kiley and Death Cab for Cutie.

The Decemberists
"Once in My Life"
There's a deeply personal story behind this powerful promo for the Decemberists' latest single 'Once in My Life'. Directed by Autumn de Wilde, the film stars her brother Jacob - who is over seven-foot tall and deals with an auditory processing disorder... on top of people's insensitive attitudes. The switch from documentary-style VO to a defiant dance sequence is a bold choice, as Jacob uses his misunderstood body for his own expression.
Cinematographer: Tim Hudson

Anonymous Content
3532 Hayden Ave
Culver City
CA 90232
001 212 925 0055
Eric Stern
(Managing Director)
001 310 558 6215
Gina Zapata
(Senior Executive Producer)
001 310 558 6282

Autumn de Wilde
Autumn de Wilde

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