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David Edwards

David Edwards is a director with Cinemascope™ instincts but although much of his work reflects this, it would be wrong to think of him as a one-trick pony. In the words of the late (yet somehow immortal) Stuart Baggs, he's "not a one-trick pony, he's not even a ten-trick pony, he's a whole field full of ponies running towards you with ideas".

Look at the Mad Dogs trail for an excellent example of the 'muscular' work associated with Edwards - but make sure you also take a look at the Polyfilla ad as an example of what he can do on a smaller canvas.

This agreeable montage for Audi suggests we should put ideas first and figure out the mechanics later. Cutting loose and overcoming constraints, we're informed, is the way to find success. The visuals create a sense of urban freedom... even if the tricksy reversal in the middle doesn't quite come off.
Director: David Edwards Ⓟ Ⓦ (Another Film Company Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Cinematograper: Franz Lustig
Another Film Company
12 Percy St
020 7307 7750
Jo Rudolphy
(Director of Talent)
Elise Jeanrenaud
(New Business Director)
David Edwards
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