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Matt Smukler

Matt Smukler started as an agency man, working in the creative department at a number of agencies before leaving to to direct full-time in 2003.

Known for finding the heart in campaigns and delivering touching human stories, Smukler has worked with big names since he got into the business, from McDonald's to Coca-Cola.

His reel is an even split between emotionality and humour but always getting to the root of what brings people together.

Americans aren't afraid to go all-out for sentimentality, and their lack of self-consciousness in this department is why they are much better at it than we are. This spot for Cheerios has us assuming the solemn grandpa at its centre is being driven to a care home... when in fact he's off to live with family, where a selection of the cereal in question is his granddaughter's welcome present.
Director: Matt Smukler Ⓟ (PrettyBird Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Cinematography: Tami Reiker
Sonny London
45a Brewer Street,
W1F 9UE.
020 7734 8124
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