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Kathi Prosser

Kathi Prosser signed with The Sweetshop in 2008, and since then her commercial career has blossomed with campaigns for brands including Adidas, Apple, and Guinness.

Kathi's background as a graphic designer and creative has led her to build a catalogue of critically acclaimed work. Her first short film 'Horses Never Lie' won an American Choreography Award for Outstanding Achievement and was screened all over the world.

Feel Unique
"It's About Me"
An ad for the online beauty site has a bunch of disparate people informing us it's all about them. That's because we're all unique - and they're no different, being just as unique as the next person. And the next. It'll probably stand out in a daytime ad break and that's all you have to do in this sector - get noticed.
Film Production: The Sweetshop Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Kathi Prosser ♀ Ⓟ
Producer: Justin Edmund-White
Production M'ger: Jess Wylie
Executive Producer: Spencer Dodd
Cinematograper: Ian Foster
Editor: Ryan Boucher @ Marshall Street Editors Ⓦ
The Sweetshop
13 Tottenham Mews
0207 636 1449
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