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Åsa Lucander

Finnish director Åsa Lucander has ten years of experience within the industry, working in illustration, animation and graphic design in both the UK and Scandinavia.

Her work is lively, with a playful yet dark humour which often strays from the beaten track. Åsa works in commercial and longer formats, and her short film 'Lost Property' was released in 2014.

Alzheimer's Research UK
"Santa Forgot"
If Santa forgot Christmas, would we forget him? That's the question asked in this poignant ad from Aardman for Alzheimer's Research UK. Stephen Fry provides a warm voiceover to accompany the angular animation which tells the story of a little girl called Freya who has grown up in a world where Santa no longer visits. Suffering from dementia, he began to muddle names and presents, became more emotional and sad, and eventually forgot about Christmas altogether.
Senior Creative: James Fentiman
Film Production: Aardman Animation Ⓦ
Director: Åsa Lucander ♀ Ⓟ Ⓦ
Producer: Jason Bartholomew
Production M'ger: Danny Gallagher
Executive Producer: Heather Wright
Prod Co-Ordinator: Lauren Paterson
Editor: Dan Hembury / Ben Craske
Compositor: Jonny Biggins / Andy Lavery / Spencer Cross / Fernando Lechuga
Storyboard Artist: Andy Janes
Animation: Joe Wood / Marc Moynihon / Alex King / Tim Ruffle / Phil Parker / Andrew Fossey / Kimberly Alexander
Animation VFX: Mat Rees
Sound Designer: Laura Izzard
Composer: Hannah Peel
Aardman Animation
Gas Ferry Road
0117 984 8485
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