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Anna + Ewan

Anna Sandilands and Ewan McNicol are a directing duo whose work has screened successfully at festivials worldwide. Their documentary work deals with the quirks and peculiarities of everyday life, creating a narrative feel by portraying real life in a cinematic way.

Their feature-length documentary 'Uncertain' - a compelling story about a sparsely inhabited town in eastern Texas - won Best New Documentary Director at Tribeca in 2015, and the pair have won a slew of other awards for both their commercial and long-form work.

"I Need You"
The Michelin Man takes a back seat in this engaging commercial. The mascot has typically appeared as a jolly CGI creation, but not here. Instead, his likeness becomes a reassuring sign on the road - just what these particular motorists need.
Film Production: RSA Ⓦ
Director: Anna + Ewan ♀
Producer: Julie Sawyer
Executive Producer: Jules Daly / Marjie Abrahams
1 Ezra Street
E2 7RH
020 7908 6060
Sarah Tognazzi
(Executive Producer & Head of Sales)
Dave Knox
(Executive Producer)
Adam & Dave
Camila Zapiola
Greg Davenport
Henry Mason
Keith Albert Tedesco
Matt Aselton
Matt Lenski
Matthew Swanson
Morrison Ventura
Sean Meehan
The Argentines
Todd Cole
Ujin Lin
Zach Math

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