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Jennifer Sheridan and Matthew Markham are the award-winning duo behind directing team Afloat.

The pair bring complimentary skills to the table: Matthew began his career as a fashion photographer and art director, while Jennifer got her start in the industry as an editor.

Since combining their talents and turning their attention to storytelling, Afloat have won a laundry list of prizes and earned significant acclaim for their short film work.

Short Films
"Set Adrift"
This moving short film is like a cross between Lassie Come Home and one of the better Doctor Who episodes. The aptly-named directing duo Afloat - Jennifer Sheridan and Matthew Markham - wrangle an astonishing performance from their canine lead as he struggled to come to terms with the loss of his beloved owner.
Film Production: Missing Link Films Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Afloat ♀
Producer: Adam Shakinovsky
1st AD: Miguel A Gaggiotti
Cinematographer: Woody James
Sound Recordist: Simon Buck / Will Hulacki
Production Designer: Jessica Barrell
Editor: Philip Lepherd
Colourist: Henry Howard
Composer: Cato Hoeben

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