DAVID reviews

11 April 2017

Back to the Future.

by Jason Stone


DAVID REVIEWS has gone back to its roots by introducing a new feature for its subscribers... virtual DVDs.

Many years ago, DAVID REVIEWS founder Jason Stone worked for The Television Register. It was his job to compile the monthly review of new work which was distributed on U-Matic video tape to a couple of hundred subscribers around the world.

When we set up DAVID REVIEWS in 2002, we began distributing something similar on DVD but it swiftly became clear that most people wanted to watch new work via the internet and we adapted to this.

But one thing got lost along the way. A lot of those who used to receive a video tape would use its arrival to gather people from their company and watch it together. It was a great way of staying on top of what's out there and talk about it.

Recently, we've been asked by a few companies if it would be possible to receive a DVD. The answer to that is 'no' but we have devised an alternative that we think you're going to like.

The Television Register, eh? How old does that make Jason Stone? Bit rude. Let's just say he was a very young man in those days.

And not so much now! How does it work then? Each Tuesday morning, we'll 'publish' a new virtual DVD covering the previous week's new TVCs. No pop promos, short films or branded content... just TVCs. Each of these compilations is around 15 minutes in length.

Then at the end of each month, we'll compile a collection of the work that's been broadcast during the previous calendar month.

And you have to be a subscriber to see these compilations? Absolutely.

And what's your hope? We'd love to think that companies working both agency-side and production-side will make time to gather people around a big screen and watch this compilation together.

We're increasingly isolated when we view stuff and - as our CraftWorks show has already demonstrated - you get a very different vibe when you get people together.

Brilliant. How do we watch? Just click on DVDs in the main menu at www.davidreviews.com and choose the compilation you want to watch. There's a printable PDF for each and the video is designed to be watched on a big screen.

Why are the ads numbered? Is 01 the best one? They're organised by product sector and the numbers are there so you can find the ad in the PDF if you've printed it.

Love it! Can we download some popcorn? It's never enough for you, is it?

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