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28 March 2017

Podcast - March 2017 CraftWorks.

by Jason Stone


It is now an established tradition that the morning after our monthly CraftWorks show, we gather a small group of people to talk about it.

This month's volunteers were Sport England's Kate Dale - who took part in our opening session on 'This Girl Can'; String & Tins' Will Cohen - who took part in The Reunion session on The Guardian's 'Three Little Pigs'; and Fat Lemon's Jane Bolton who was soaking it all up in the audience.

March's was our most ambitious CraftWorks yet with six separate sessions:

1. This Girl Can.

Kate Dale of Sport England was one of four panellists brought together to discuss the follow-up to 2015 hugely iconic 'This Girl Can' film. Sharon Jiggins of FCB Inferno and director Kim Gehrig described how they joined forces once again to deliver a hugely impressive film, while Jay James explained how she and the team at Soundtree provided the soundtrack that fused Maya Angelou's extraordinary reading of her own poem with dance music to bind the whole thing together.

2. The Crossover Club... Skunk London's Jim Hosking.

Skunk London's Jim Hosking told us all about his first feature 'The Greasy Strangler' - and its filthy trail aroused a whole heap of interest from the CraftWorks audience. It's a film which required fully committed performances and Jim described how he persuaded his cast to give their all. Here's a more vanilla trail than the one we showed at CraftWorks.

3. Introducing... 76 Ltd's Charles Muzard.

If the trail for The Greasy Strangler didn't prove too much for people, Charles Muzard's comedy short P-00 certainly did. A perfectly measured spoof of the reporting style of new-wave journalists at places like Vice, it investigates a drug craze sweeping Eastern Europe. And Charles Muzard was on hand to explain all.

4. Homespun Yarns.

Stitch's Tim Hardy, Dan Collins and last year's winner Thomas Ralph were on hand to unveil the theme for this year's Homespun Yarns competition. It's swiftly becoming one of the most keenly anticipated events of the advertising year and the team described how the event has evolved as they start looking forward to sifting through this year's entries. For more information visit their website.

5. Aardman's Danny Capozzi Visualises This.

Aardman animation's Danny Capozzi brought two films with him to CraftWorks. The first is a short film which showcases his mastery of a variety of animation techniques while skewering client capriciousness. The second is a film he made to help promote the BBC's Mars season and provided him with the opportunity to work with William Shatner.

6. The Reunion: Guardian 'Three Little Pigs'.

An all-star cast including Alan Rusbridger, David Kolbusz, Davud Karbassioun, Ringan Ledwidge, and Will Cohen described how they worked together to create the 'Three Little Pigs' film which helped reinforce the idea that The Guardian has mastered journalism in the online era. Former editor Alan Rusbridger was able to demonstrate in person just how much journalism has changed in that respect thanks to Twitter, he brought breaking news to the room that Parliament was locked down because of the Westminster Bridge incident.

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