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4 March 2019

The APA's Future Of Advertising event 2019.

by Jason Stone


This Wednesday, a number of very clever people are going to step in front of an industry audience at the Picturehouse in Piccadilly and offer their guesses on where advertising will be in the next few years.

Some of them will be wrong. Some of them will be right. All of them will be hoping that the company they represent is on the right path.

Who is the star turn? Modesty forbids us from suggesting that DR editor Jason Stone's inclusion on a panel is likely to provide the day's most fascinating insights, so instead we'll pretend that professional anecdotist Rory Sutherland is the main event.

Is he the guy who dresses like a time traveller whose idea of this era's fashions was formed entirely by reading Evelyn Waugh novels? Bit rude... but weirdly accurate. He'll be addressing ‘The Surprising Power of Things That Don't Make Sense‘. Given Sutherland's interest in behavioural economics and his fondness for allegory he's guaranteed to deliver a splash of colour, and that's always welcome.

I hear Lindsey Clay will be offering a dose of wisdom too. Yes, Thinkbox's generalissimo will be telling us what is meant by TV in 2019. It's a germane question as clients appear to have noticed that newer forms of online advertising are not all they're cracked up to be. Clay can be relied upon to make the case for keeping faith with television... and she will.

Who else? Kevin Young of The Mill and Oliver Feldwick of The&Partnership will - in separate talks - be offering their take on the way technology is shaping the business of advertising, and the public's response to it.

And there's something on nurturing new talent, isn't there? Indeedy! The Sweetshop's Morgan Whitlock will be chairing a panel which includes talent-wrangler extraordinaire Matthew Fone, rising directorial star Georgi Banks-Davies; W+K's Scott Dungate; and Agile Films' Emma Bewley (not to be confused with Leo Burnett's Emma Bewley).

Their session is called "Young and Hungry: Supporting the Next Generation", and, for the avoidance of doubt, the 'hunger' referred to here is literal. The only way rosters are going to start shrinking is when directors start to eat each other in post-Brexit Britain.

And, come on then, what's the panel that Jason Stone is on? Thought you'd never ask! Stone will be alongside Strictly Super Bowl co-conspirators Anna Arnell (née Carpen) and Sue Higgs, as well as adam&eveDDB's Ben Sharpe on a panel chaired by Cannes Lions' Phil Thomas. They will answering the question: 'What Does Your Future Boss Look Like?'

And there's lots more besides. As all of this wit and wisdom is available for just £75 plus VAT per ticket, the APA's Future in Advertising offers the best value of any industry event (with the obvious exception of our own CraftWorks events!).

To secure your ticket, visit the relevant bit of the APA web site. See you there.

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