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19 June 2019

Straight 8 will make your Cannes experience worthwhile.

by Jason Stone


As regular readers will know, DAVID is a big fan of Straight 8. The purity of the competition devised twenty years ago by Ed Sayers provides an opportunity for true creativity to shine. And since the advertising industry tirelessly champions the idea of creativity, it should cherish this marvellous event.

If as you read this you're waking up in your quarters at Cannes wondering what you can do to justify your presence at the Festival of Creativity, then Thursday morning provides the perfect opportunity to make your whole experience worthwhile.

All you have to do is buy a pair of tickets (20 each) for the Straight 8 Industry Shootout, and get yourself along to the Cinema Les Arcades and watch the fifteen films made by companies in our industry. Some of them will be great, some of them will be okay, and some of them will be a complete disaster. That's the joy of Straight 8.

In addition to witnessing the potential humiliation of an industry foe or better still an industry friend, you can enjoy breakfast paid for by UK service production company Madam just prior to the screening.

The joy of this competition comes from knowing that its participants have no idea whether the film they conceived will resemble the film shown on the big screen. The rules of Straight 8 ensure that everybody is kept in the dark, and it's perfectly possible that one or more of the entries will be so bad that its auteurs will sink in horror at the abomination in front of them.

But, you can be certain that several of the films will be strikingly original and so cleverly put together that you will marvel at their ingenuity. And as much as you enjoy the spectacle of someone going down in flames, you will get a great deal more from watching someone succeed.

All of this drama is available to anyone in Cannes, regardless of whether they are an official delegate. If you get yourself along to this event, DAVID can guarantee that it will be the most memorable and worthwhile experience of the whole week. It always is.

The Straight 8 Industry Shootout starts at 10 AM with the Madam breakfast. The screening begins at 11 AM, with the winners announced around noon. For further details and to buy tickets from the Straight 8 website, click here.

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