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24 March 2019

Straight 8's Industry Shootout at Cannes 2019.

by Jason Stone


It's that time of year when companies can make a name for themselves by entering Straight 8's Industry Shootout and get on to the big screen in Cannes.

Those of you are familiar with this brilliant competition will need not introduction to it but for the uninitiated the format is simple... if daunting. Each entrant is sent a roll of Super 8 stock which they must use to shoot their film. They then send back the exposed film in an undeveloped state together with a separate soundtrack.

Then each of the films is screened for the first time at a cinema in Cannes with all of the filmmakers in attendance. If it didn't quite work out then they get to find out in front of all their friends.

But most of the time, the audience bears witness of a marvellous alchemy with each film providing moments of sheer magic.

To be one of the twenty companies taking part in this year's competition, you need to REGISTER. Jump on it by filling in the form at the bottom of this page at Straight 8's website and keep an eye for updates both at their website and at DAVID REVIEWS.

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