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24 May 2019

Stink like the taste of FoodFilm.

by Andrew MacGregor


DAVID doesn't usually cover porn directors for obvious reasons, but in the case of FoodFilm, we're happy to make an exception.

FoodFilm - comprised of French directors Michael Roulier and Philipe Lhomme - are renowned for their vibrant approach to food photography, introducing many viewers to the delights of ‘food porn' with their Adventures in Imagination series for Marks & Spencer.

Droolsome compositions and in-camera mastery pepper FoodFilm's showreel, but Stink's new signings are keen to demonstrate that the skills and discipline required to show food at its best lend themselves to other commercial projects.

The prospect of FoodFilm breaking into other sectors has Stink's Managing Partner Blake Powell excited: "FoodFilm are the very best at what they do, known globally for their iconic work. Stink will open up new spaces for them, bringing their unique craft to more brands and markets, giving them the opportunity to further develop their artistry."

Stink really represent for us the possibility of being creative. It’s part of their DNA, so clients know what to expect.

Michael Roulier, one half of FoodFilm   


Not that Roulier and Lhomme have lost their appetite for food work. If anything, the duo are even more determined to refine and expand their skillset: "Since most of our shots are in action, we always look for new techniques to create movement: once you've tried gravity, bangs, strings, air blows and so on, you need to ‘collaborate' to go further."

Roulier adds that since "food rarely behaves as we expect", the pair must adapt while staying true to their in-camera philosophy: "We never use 3D, even though most people think we do. Everything must be real. We have small sets and do everything ourselves to influence the artistry - the colour, the framing, the lighting are all our actors."

This practical approach has the backing of Stink Films, which Roulier couldn't be happier about: "Stink really represent for us the possibility of being creative. It's part of their DNA, so clients know what to expect."

For more on what FoodFilm can bring to your next project, ring Stink's Charlie Roberson on 020 7462 4000 or email him via charlie.roberson@stinkfilms.com.

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