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14 December 2017

May the Force be with... Your brand.

by Syd Briscoe


As one of the best-known cinematic properties in the galaxy, a new instalment in the Star Wars franchise always inspires brands to embrace all things sci-fi. Past movies have seen branded tech, furniture, and even food with all manner of droids and lightsabers splashed across them in an attempt to appeal to fans young and old alike.

So let's take a look at the good, questionable, and wonderfully weird tie-ins we've seen this year in connection with The Last Jedi.

The light side of the galaxy...

First up on the light side of the Force we have Nissan, who show a father teaching his daughter to drive. The nods to the Star Wars franchise here are subtle (the characters' outfits and dialogue nods to the original trilogy) and obvious (a field of animated AT-AT Walkers) by turns. The brand have previously released limited-edition cars in Star Wars colours... for the nerd who has everything.

Coca-Cola join the fray with this entertaining ad which sees the brand give a - ahem - forceful endorsement of The Last Jedi. A bloke tries to summon up his latent Jedi powers when thirst strikes, but things don't quite go as planned...

Royal Mail offer a delightfully quirky tie-in with vignettes starring the ever-adorable BB-8. The curious droid rolls through the sorting office, getting into all manner of amusing mischief. Bubble wrap, portentous postcodes, and a leafy doppelganger all play a role

And the brands which didn't quite feel the Force...

Wilkinson Sword attempt to tap into nostalgia in this awkward ad. A father and son in the 70s do their best Luke Skywalker impression with razors and toothbrushes... and the kid later replicates the same pose with his own offspring. Coolest dad ever? We'd rather take our chances with Darth Vader.

This ad for US pet store chain Petco shows off their range of Star Wars toys, so nerds everywhere can finally let their pet chew on... Chewie. The toys themselves have apparently gone down a storm across the pond - not that you'd know it from this ad, which quickly abandons orchestral sweeps for a much blander soundtrack.

Philips jump on the branding madness bandwagon with this ad for their special edition Last Jedi razors. We'd have been disappointed if they didn't use the 'best shave in the galaxy' line... but we're also kind of disappointed they did. It's hard to do much with a brand link so tenuous. What is it about sci-fi and razors?

Even actor Mark Hamill - Luke Skywalker himself - has noticed the sheer scale of Star Wars branding happening this year, and has drawn attention them on social media.

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