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16 November 2018

Spindle are looking sharp.

by Andrew MacGregor


London's newest production company has arrived in the form of Spindle.

The brainchild of Greg Hackett, Stitch Richardson, Lois Newcombe, and Tim Swaby, Spindle launches with a roster of ten directors and a desire to nurture ideas from concept to completion.

Executive Producer Lois Newcombe explains that while they "put all the care, work, and craft into commissioned projects" one would expect, Spindle are also committed to "creating, developing, and pitching ideas and working with our roster".

Handily enough, said line-up also includes founder Greg Hackett, who is keen to foster a "supportive space" for both new and established talent. Even at this early stage, Hackett thinks this will ensure Spindle can always "attract the best" in the field.

The launch roster already has plenty going for it with a well-balanced mix of the old and the new. You can check out the roster at Spindle's website.

With everyone in place at Spindle HQ, partner and editor Tim Swaby believes their collective know-how will pay dividends: "We want to use this experience and skillset to help our clients become part of the cultural conversation, as well as deliver the best creative possible."

We want to use this experience and skill set to help our clients become part of the cultural conversation, as well as deliver the best creative possible.

Tim Swaby, Partner/Editor   


It's this comprehensive approach that excites Executive Producer Stitch Richardson, who thinks their "capacity to work as an end-to-end studio" - as well as building strong relationships with agencies and brands alike - will help keep them sharp in a crowded market.

Fancy what Spindle have to offer? Then email Stitch Richardson (stitch@spindle.co), Lois Newcombe (lois@spindle.co), Fiona Gillam (fiona@spindle.co), or Tania Diniz (tania@spindle.co) to get the ball rolling.

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