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19 March 2019

SixtyFour Music are Yorgos Lanthimos's favourite.

by Jason Stone


When DAVID popped in to speak to Nick Payne of SixtyFour Music about 'The Favourite', Yorgos Lanthimo's film had just triumphed at BAFTA and there was a real possibility that it would win the Academy Award for Best Film. Alas, that was not to be... but Payne will have been delighted that Olivia Colman picked up an Oscar, and the general acclaim that has come the film's way, because his company sweated blood to provide Lanthimo with the soundtrack he wanted.

It's clear from the way that Nick Payne talks about this project that it was a very exacting task and that Yorgos Lanthimos is an uncompromising director. While doing his level best to be discreet, Payne can't hep revealing that the demands of meeting Lanthimos's requirements took him close to the edge.

But it's equally clear that he'd do it all again in a heartbeat. He's immensely proud of the film and he recognises that Lanthimos's inability to compromise is a significant factor in its success.

On the licencing side of things, it's very very similar. The same process is applied but it's like working on twenty-two commercials at once.

Nick Payne   


Although a lot of the music chosen by Lanthimos for 'The Favourite' was in the public domain, his tendency to favour obscure recordings made for a tricky assignment. Or rather, a tricky series of assignments: "there was a lot of negotiations with unions and rights holders."

Everyone who works in this realm is aware of the intransigence of the unions in the US, and Payne is no different: "They're not the most helpful people... but they're understaffed and they've an awful lot to do."

How does it differ from sourcing music for a commercial? "On the licencing side of things, it's very very similar. The same process is applied but it's like working on twenty-two commercials at once."

And it's not as if it's financially rewarding... Nick Payne describes it as "a passion project... It's not going to make us rich". But he's aware that the kudos is valuable and it starts some interesting conversations in the advertising industry.

There's also the satisfaction of knowing that they worked on something of such cultural significance and it's obvious SixtyFour Music are ready for more of the same the next time Yorgos Lanthimos - or anyone else - comes knocking.

For more on SixtyFour Music, you can contact Nick Payne on +44 203 970 0064 or using email at nick@sixtyfourmusic.com.

Yorgos Lanthimos is represented for TVCs in the UK by Merman... for more on him, contact Siobhan Murphy on +44 207 846 0650 or via email using siobhan@hellomerman.com.

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