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23 January 2018

Rupert Russell is the Missing Link.

by Andrew MacGregor


Scholar and documentary filmmaker Rupert Russell has joined Missing Link for representation. It's an exciting time for both parties: Russell joins as his debut feature ‘Freedom For The Wolf' hits screens, while Heather and Ben Link are proud to have signed a cerebral storyteller.

So... 'Freedom For The Wolf'? Russell's documentary charts the world's turbulent political landscape, covering everything from Tunisia's failed Arab Spring to Donald Trump's hair-raising presidency.

His globe-trotting study of democratic crises has already become a film festival favourite - and Russell is eager to pursue more heavyweight projects with Missing Link.

What else has Russell done? The Cambridge and Harvard graduate knows how to stay busy. As well as publishing a variety of essays and articles, Russell crafted a five-part web series called, ‘How the World Went Mad'. Safe to say he wasn't short of material.

It's a mad world, but I'm glad Russell can make sense of it all. Wry and accessible, the animated series underlines Russell's meticulous and inquisitive approach. Now he can't wait to produce more thought-provoking work with Missing Link's support.

For more on Rupert Russell and Missing Link's growing roster, ring Heather Link on 07702 516 885 or email her via heather@missinglinkfilms.co.uk.

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