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4 October 2017

The Full Service press play.

by Syd Briscoe


With school funding at an all-time low and the situation not set to improve, many educational establishments are making sacrifices to keep the lights on.

Unfortunately, the arts are often the first to go. Music is becoming a scarcity in state schools, especially in the deprived areas where it functions as a valuable tool for kids to express themselves. Restore The Music UK aim to change that.

Rankin's The Full Service have created a pair of dynamic films to draw attention to RTM UK, with Rankin director Vicky Lawton at the helm.

'Battle of the Bands' demonstrates precisely why music is such an essential resource in schools. Kids talk about what music means to them, and the documentary style brings home the reality of what taking away access to it would mean.

So far, the charity have raised over 600,000 for 20 state primary and secondary schools across 9 London boroughs, reaching over 16,000 children. They're now set for a new funding push on social media... with some film firepower set to spark interest.

The second film takes a more stylish approach, replete with bold splashes of paint, energetic dance moves, and plenty of music on the driving soundtrack. Appropriately titled 'DNA', it hammers home the connection between visual and aural art, making it clear that if kids lose music, we all lose out.

Restore The Music UK aims to raise the extra 18.3 million needed to fix the lack of school provision - let's hope these polished films grab the attention their cause deserves.

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