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23 January 2019

Ollie Parsons joins Another Film Company.

by Syd Briscoe


Another Film Company have added comedy director Ollie Parsons to their roster for 2019.

Having been obsessed with filmmaking as a child, he's been shooting his own work since he received an 8mm camera at the age of ten. He's since developed a strong visual aesthetic over his seventeen-odd years in the industry - something Another Film Company are keen to nurture further.

Parsons honed his craft working with some of the biggest names in British comedy, and his reel shows a knack for observational humour influenced by the likes of Peter Capaldi and Charlie Brooker.

His series of TV Licensing ads, for example, take the form of extremely well-judged spoofs which lampoon various television genres. From shoulder pads and decanters to soft focus and dramatic camera zooms, this instalment offers a fun parody of 'Dallas'-era soap conventions.

In addition to a strong commercial reel, Parsons has also made a splash in the television world - which isn't surprising given he has a reputation for drawing strong performances from his cast.

He recently directed the critically-acclaimed 'Man Like Mobeen' for BBC Three. Set in Birmingham, the series follows the trials and tribulations of a man trying to raise his teenage sister, all while his criminal past threatens to catch up with them.

Having won shedloads of industry awards and been named 'one to watch' in 2019, the show underlines why Another Film Company were so keen to bring Parsons on board. Stay tuned for his next TVC outing.

Check out the rest of Ollie Parsons' reel here, then get in touch with Elise Jeanrenaud at elise@anotherfimcompany.com for more information.

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