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21 March 2019

Not To Scale catch Lobster.

by Andrew MacGregor


Not To Scale say they "couldn't be more excited to welcome" Italian-Bulgarian directing duo Lobster to their global roster.

Comprised of Fausto Montanari and Nikolay Ivanov, Lobster specialise in colorful, minimalist animation with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

This has resulted in a polished showreel that's caught the imaginations of various global brands, as well as Not To Scale. Now the pair are eager to share their playful yet meticulous vision with other open-minded clients.

It's this process that Montanari and Ivanov crave the most about their work, saying: "We love bringing smart ideas to life in a nice handcrafted way, no matter if we do it frame by frame or with the help of some keyframe tricks."

Click here to sample Lobster's work for yourself, then ring Not To Scale on 020 7734 4575 to discuss availability.

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