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19 March 2019

Nice Shirt Films sign Kim Geldenhuys.

by Andrew MacGregor


Nice Shirt Films have serendipity to thank for their latest signing, Kim Geldenhuys.

The South African director first met Nice Shirt's Managing Director Richard Martin on a commercial starring Anthony Joshua in 2018, and the pair are looking forward to collaborating on more projects under the same roof.

Martin says it was a "rare and wonderful" stroke of luck when "a great mutual friend" brought him and Geldenhuys together. After watching the South African's work up close and personal, Martin has pored over Geldenhuys's reel numerous times since.

I absolutely love Kimís work - itís wonderfully varied, superbly subtle, and always soulful.

Richard Martin, Managing Director @ Nice Shirt Films   


One highlight is Geldenhuys's 2015 ad for Prudential, which captures the gritty yet scenic reality of Madagascar's fishermen. This languid, sweeping piece of work is just one of the reasons Nice Shirt were so keen to bring Geldenhuys on board.

Martin adds: "I absolutely love Kim's work - it's wonderfully varied, superbly subtle, and always soulful. I have the same little tingle - the feeling of being a good fit - as when I first saw Stuart Douglas and Jesper Ericstam's work many moons ago."

Fancy enlisting the services of Kim Geldenhuys? Ring Nice Shirt's Georgi Doig on 020 7255 8100 or email her through georgi@niceshirtfilms.com.

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