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14 December 2017

Neil Stubbings heads to Jelly London.

by Syd Briscoe


Jelly London have signed director Neil Stubbings to their roster for UK representation. Stubbings is a highly esteemed animator, known for his quirky, colourful visual approach and playful character designs. He fuses forward-looking 3D animation with a classic cartoon style.

Stubbings started his career at 16, working as an apprentice graphic designer in Switzerland. He spent four years designing logos and packaging before moving behind the camera.

My goal is to have a classic cartoon spirit with a 3D twist.

Neil Stubbings   


Stubbings' short film 'Stopover' - which he wrote and directed in 2012 - shows off his animation skills along with an offbeat humour and love for the weird and wonderful.

Featuring an intergalactic pitstop which turns into a close encounter, the films shows an innovative use of 3D and beautiful visuals which feel almost painted.

Commercially, Stubbings has turned his hand to create work for numerous brands including Nestle and Swiss supermarket chain Coop.

His work for accessory maker Freitag - a short film called 'Truckin'' which was originally envisioned as a simple product-creation piece - has a whimsical, Loony Toons-esque feel which demonstrates Stubbings' flare for the absurd.

Combining a compelling family saga with a delightfully odd premise (a pair of brothers who raise trucks, in the manner of animals, until they're ready to head out onto the open road), the film tells the story of the creation of the first Freitag bags. It's a black and white gem with an understated humour which suggests Stubbings will be a strong addition to the Jelly roster.

Neil Stubbings' reel is now live over at Jelly London, so head over and check it out. For more information on him or anyone else on the Jelly roster, get in touch with Poppy Jamieson at poppy@jellylondon.com or give the team a ring at 020 7323 3307.

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