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26 November 2017

Monica Bertei gets down and Dirty.

by Jason Stone


Monica Bertei has joined Shoreditch-based production company as executive producer / head of sales and she brings with her a wealth of experience; tangible charm; a clear idea of where the industry is headed; and a lot of belief in her new colleagues.

As she walks in to the bar where we've arranged to meet, Monica Bertei sweeps a chemtrail of positivity around the room and everyone looks up from their coffee and green tea to see who has arrived.

Hers is a familiar name as she has always been the friendly face of whatever company she's been part of and yet this is the first time we've met properly. That doesn't stop her issuing a greeting usually reserved for an old friend, before trying to work out when she first became aware of DAVID REVIEWS. We go back a long way.

As she updates me on a journey which has taken her from Lintas to Believe Media to Spank to Weilands before she spent five years with Mustard, she tells me how it was giving birth to twins that finally forced her to take a break.

We were particularly taken by Monica’s experience on both production and agency side, her strategic vision, ambition for Dirty and her belief in our collaborative and creative culture. That’s not to mention her warmth, energy, and superstar ways. Allez Monica!

Alex Bedford and Ben Parkin   


It's an industry she clearly loves and now that she's back she's not going to allow the energy-sapping reality of motherhood² to stand in her way. She's full of verve and vim and looking forward to helping Alex Bedford and Ben Parkin take Dirty Films to the next level.

Of the various opportunities which came her way when she signalled that she was ready to return, Dirty stood out because "they're equipped for the challenges which lie ahead".

A lot of people whose careers started in the 1990s are reluctant to accept that the halcyon days of unearned rewards are over. Nowadays, everybody has to demonstrate they are worth their fee and you can either relish the opportunity to operate in that climate or you can retire to the back room of a pub and reminisce about the good old days.

Monica Bertei falls squarely among those who can only see opportunities ahead and she's excited about the prospect of working with a company which relishes the possibility of advancing into other film-making realms.

In the press release announcing her arrival, Monica said: "When I met Ben and Alex I was bowled over with what they have created in such a short space of time, their entrepreneurial nature, their very talented roster and their can-do attitude. I am very excited by all the possibilities in being part of such a fun and supportive team. Production is increasingly competitive but Dirty's roster is already so strong I feel confident that there is an amazing future ahead."

In acquiring Monica Bertei, Dirty have made it clearer than ever that they are determined to play their part in this 'amazing future' and DAVID will be watching keenly to see what happens next.

To congratulate Monica on her new gig, dial Dirty on 020 7739 6111 or use the magic of email to reach her on monica@dirtyfilms.uk.

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