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8 December 2017

Mattessons serve food for thought.

by Andrew MacGregor


Intelligence recruitment has certainly changed over the years. In 1942, the War Office turned a Daily Telegraph crossword into a codebreaker audition; now Mattessons Fridge Raiders and 'Call of Duty: WWII' aim to do the same with Code Strike.

The app tests gamers' memory, reaction times, and problem solving abilities - essential attributes in cyber security. While 'Call of Duty' emphasises headshots and heavy ordnance, this mobile Bletchley Park requires a more cerebral approach.

The stakes are high, too. Those savvy enough to crack the app's hidden enigma qualify for a Cyber Security Challenge UK tournament and the chance to impress intelligence bigwigs. Naturally, the brand suggest they're ideal brain fuel.

It's the latest Mattessons campaign geared towards gamers and tech fiends. Saatchi Creative Director Will John says: "We've always looked to collaborate with gamers to showcase their creativity and skills. Now we're powering them up into code breakers.


John adds: "This about providing them with an opportunity to use their skills in the real world, and fast-tracking the very best into real careers in cyber security."

Furthermore, director Chris Thomas delivers an evocative launch film which blends wartime props, game footage, and one agitated commander. Best do what the man says - he really wants that intel.

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