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19 September 2017

The De Blinkks head to Colonel Blimp.

by Syd Briscoe


Colonel Blimp have signed award winning photographic and filmmaking collective the De Blinkks to their roster.

Formed of Leila and Damien de Blinkk, the directing duo are known for their cinematic sensibility and flawlessly executed visuals.

After meeting at the Royal College of Art in London, the pair - from Beirut and Rouen - began creating images together. They quickly became known for their stills work, creating award-winning campaigns in the fashion, editorial, and advertising sectors before moving into filmmaking.

They are true artists and Iím beyond excited about them being part of the roster here at Colonel Blimp.

Paul Weston, Executive Producer at Colonel Blimp.   


Their photographic experience enhances their films, taking a fresh, unique approach to colour and lighting which breathes new light into familiar ground. Their work for Sony, for example, takes a simple concept and elevates it to high art.

The De Blinkks are particularly known for their fashion work, which brings their distinctive visual flair to the fore.

Their highly successful campaign for French Connection, in particular, has a sense of the surreal and fun intertwined with a razor sharp attention to style. There's a diverse range of skills on display across the De Blinkks' extensive portfolio, and their ad work shows off some of the most accomplished.

With an array of high profile clients already under their belts, the De Blinkks are excited for the new creative challenges they'll find at Colonel Blimp. The pair said of the signing: "Joining Colonel Blimp feels like being back in art school. A corner with a big circuit board where the 'ultra creative' button sits effortlessly next to the 'super professional' button."

Paul Weston, EP at Colonel Blimp, is similarly enthusiastic about the signing: "I've been a big fan of Leila and Damien's work for years. They are true artists and I'm beyond excited about them being part of the roster here at Colonel Blimp. They are totally unique in the world of advertising and I think they bring something really exceptional to every script they get their hands on."

If their recent uber-chic campaign for Amazon is anything to go by, we're sure the pair will fit right in at their new creative home.

Leila & Damon De Blinkk's reel is now live over at Colonel Blimp. For more information, get in touch with Paul Weston at paul@colonelblimp.com or give the team a ring at 020 7494 0747.

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